Tuesday, May 1, 1979


I was at my fathers house, formerly my grandparents home before they passed away. There with me was my sister (17), my dad, and two friends (one that I didn't even know that well). My sister and I had just got there. My mother drove us over to my fathers house after leaving my previous location. Me, my mom and my sister were all together prior to her dropping us off at our dads house. We had stopped at this house about an hour ago. It was an old, creepy mansion off the side of the highway. The highway was deserted so it as only us driving. It felt like it was night and day at the same time. We pulled over, and she let us out. My sister and I went into the massive home which was lit only by scattered candles. There were shadows dancing around on the tall ceilings and wooden floors. It was empty and silent. So we walked around for a little while. I am not sure what the purpose of this was but we did it anyway. After looking around the place a little, I could feel something. I could just feel something else was there although I could not hear or see it. This feeling transcribed into a mental image. My intuition had learned to show itself to me in the form of an image. I stood there and closed my eyes. I saw extremely tall, massive figures. They stood about 10 feet. They had legs and arms just like us. But their legs were extraordinarily muscular. My vision continued. These huge creatures were dark, and blurry. I couldn't make out any faces. I couldn't tell what they were exactly but at that moment, I knew they were there. The giants in my mind stood very still. You could see their chests contracting in and out from heavy breathing. Their heads we're drooped down, slightly hanging from their bodies. We had to get out of there. Immediately. I grabbed my sister and we ran to my mothers car and we began our trip to my fathers home. I didn't speak of this image.

When we arrived at his home, I gave him a hug and greeted my other two friends who were already there. Everyone was relaxed and just hanging around. When you enter the house, you do so through the garage entrance because no one really uses the main door. You first walk in the family room which has a huge wrap around couch, a coffee table and a tv straight across from it. Then you walk into the dining room, which is to the left and the kitchen in a room to your right. As you continue to walk through the house, which is only one floor and not that large, you see a hallway to your left and the living room straight ahead. This is where my two friends were at. There was also a couch and tv in this room as well. They sat talking quietly and I continued to walk through the house. My dad seated himself in the family room, by the entrance, while my sister roamed around the kitchen. No one went through the other half of the house which was where the hallway led. I began to walk that way when I noticed a black cat sitting in the walkway.
"Dad! When did you get a cat? I though you were alergic? I'm allergic!" I yelled.
"I didn't get a cat", he proclaimed. "Well, not technically. The cat will protect us. Don't worry, everything will be alright". Covering my nose, I look down at this mysterious feline. Wait, I was confused. "Protect us from what?" I questioned as I slowly backed away from the hallway. I heard a pounding sound on one of the bedroom doors in the hallway. I couldn't tell which one it came from but I immediately jumped from the sound. I ran into family room and my sister followed me concerned. If there was anything wrong, she always used my reactions as a gauge to how she should respond.

"Dad, what is back there?! I heard it pounding on the door. What's going on?" I was terrified. He calmly responded "Don't worry about it".
So at this point, I wasn't sure if I was more terrified with the mystery cat and heavy pounding, or upset at my dad's lack of an answer. Come to think of it, why the hell are my friends here anyway? They never knew where my father lived. And what are they whispering about over there. They didn't seem to be startled one bit. I was getting wrapped up in my own thoughts when suddenly, I started to feel something. It was more of an intuitive feeling. It seemed strangely familiar. I closed my eyes slowly and there they were instantly. The tall-bodied creatures. They were not only in my mind but in the house! I knew it. My father had them trapped somehow in one of those bedrooms. There was no way I was going to stay in that house for another second. "Dad, we have to get out of here...NOW!", I told him sternly as I darted towards the living room. I didn't give him a chance to respond before I got to the two whisperers. "What the hell is going on!" I screamed.
"Shhhhhh!!!!! They will hear you. You can't get them worked up so just stay calm. That's what we have been trying to do." My short guy friend (whom I knew for years) instructed me. My sister had followed me into this room now peering over my shoulder. "What's he talking about?" She asked me. She had such a worried look on her face. I just wanted to get her out of there immediately. If everyone wanted to stay here with these things then that was their choice, not mine. "Look, you better tell me right now what's going on, and what exactly is back in those rooms." I demanded from my two friends. No response. Why wasn't anyone telling me anything. So I marched right back into the family room where my dad was still sitting watching tv. "Dad, I really think we should go. Please! Can we go? Somehting isn't right and I do not want to be here anymore. I don't want you here either. Pleeeaaaaaaase." I was begging for him to get up and evacuate. I was going off my hunch, but I knew we were in danger. "Baby it will be fine, trust me. As long as you remain calm...they will be calm." He advised.
"Wait, who?? What is back there dad?" I asked.

A few moments after I asked that question, I heard the cat screech and run past me through the family room and out the back door. The back door was open, and the screen was slightly cracked at the time so the cat had no problem breaking its way out of the house.

"Dad, if whatever is back there was being kept away by that cat, then what's holding them back now?"

Suddenly my two friends came racing towards us full speed shouting and yelling. My dad jumped up and told us we had to run. I still hadn't seen anything more than what was in my mind, but I've always kept alive the possibility of me being crazy. But then I knew the only thing that would make me crazy is if I continued to stand there in shock while everyone was gathering their things and running. We all ran out of the house. I made sure my sister was close and my dad in sight. We ran down the drive way to the cars, but they were not there. Where was my car? Where was my dad's car? I know I got here somehow but....Oh yea, my mom dropped us off and left with the car. I turned to my father "Dad, where's your car?", I questioned as I looked up and down the street. "I'm not sure." He replied. I guess this means we will have to run for our lives. The strange thing was that I had yet to see anything come after us yet. Nothing was there.

I looked around and noticed one of us were missing. I turned to my short friend. "Where'd she go"? I asked.
"She went in to get something she said couldn't forget." He said. "I told her not to go." The other whisperer had made a very stupid move. You would never catch me going back into a place that everyone is running out of. Unless, it was after one of my close family members, or best friend but that's it. I kept my distance from the house as my short friend crept closer to the door to see if she was coming. Me, my dad, and my sister were standing huddled closely together, but ready to make a run for it at any second. The next thing I heard was screams. The next thing I saw was my short friend running towards us. "She's not coming! She's not coming! Go Go Go!!" He yelled...We followed.

I could feel them near, but still could not see them. We weren't going to make it any further without hiding. I saw a house coming up with a fence going all the way around it. Scattered throughout the backyard were tiny sheds and lots of trees. This was way better than the open road we were running down. Plus, I could tell my sister was getting tired. We had to stop. We jumped the fence and ran towards the back. I noticed the backyard was completely closed off. Luckily, I found a small crawl space under another set of fences. Somehow, the four of us managed to fit and made it to the backyard. We crept to the end of the backyard where there were more fences. These fences were different though. Unlike the ones we hopped over in the front, and crawled under to the back, these were super tall and had barbed wire. There was no way out except the way in. We decided to rest for a while by the fence. I took this time to get a good look at the backyard. Now that I'm actually back here, those sheds didn't look as tiny as they did from up front. Also, there weren't as many trees as it appeared to be. The yard was big and streched across a decent amount of land. I guess the sheds looked tiny because they were actually taller than they were wide. Instead of resembling a small house, they kind of looked like dressing rooms. Each shed stood on four wooden legs that seemed to be dug deep into the ground. They were all painted red. I looked at my sister, who looked back up at me silently. I could tell she was frightened beyond words. I looked over at my dad. He seemed to be plotting some intricate escape route. My short friend was curled up in a ball rocking back and forth muttering some type of prayer.

"Dad, what are we going to do?" I asked.
"I'm not sure yet baby." He replied.
I closed my eyes and could feel them near. We needed to hide. This wasn't enough. I thought that if we could hide for a long enough time, then they would pass and we could sneak out safely and find help. I looked around and nothing came to me. Then, an idea suddenly popped into my mind. The sheds! We could hide in the sheds until it was safe to come out. I counted six sheds back there so it was enough for each of us to at least have our own. I couln't really imagine two people fitting in one, but then again, I couldn't imagine how it would feel to be in a tightly closed space alone. I told them my plan and we all stood up and approached the sheds. I got to my shed and watched as they all got to their own sheds. I looked at the wooden door. You could tell it was made for a lock to fit into the loops to secure whatever was in there. Instead of a lock, there was a twig stuffed through the loop to keep it closed. I pulled out the twig and opened the door. There was nothing in there. I looked around and saw my dad, sister and friend get into their sheds. I got into mine and closed the door. Surprisingly, it stayed closed on its own. It wasn't locked, but it stayed closed. I hoped everyone was alright. I closed my eyes.

I wasn't sure how long my eyes had been closed, but I opened them quickly when I heard a noise. It sounded like there was something outside my shed. My heart stopped. I began sweating so much I felt it dripping from my forehead down to my shirt. I contemplated opening the door to see who was out there. I'm sure it was my father out scoping the land but I had to be sure. I lifted my hands slowly and pressed them on the back of the wooden door. I pushed. I pushed again. Nothing was happening. I started smacking and banging the door but it wouldn't open. "Dad!" I screamed as loud as I could. I began to panic hysterically as he called back out to me. I heard my sister crying and my friend screaming. I heard them banging on their doors too. We were trapped.

I'm not sure how long it's been. Time seems to stand still in the dark. We were prisoners of the sheds. I racked my brain over and over again as to how this could have happened. I wanted to know who was out there. Who trapped us in these red sheds? I heard ny sister sobbing from a distance. My dad had been saying calming words to us for a while but now he was silent. I hadn't heard from my friend in a while. I wonder if he was okay. One thing I discovered while trapped in that shed was that no matter how bad it was in there, it could never be worse than being trapped in your own mind. Not only was I stuck in this tiny space, I was stuck in my mind. Obsessing over thoughts of what would happen next and when it would happen. Even before this, I was always stuck in my head. Thinking and thinking and thinking. Anytime I was faced with a problem in my life, I always ran from it instead of dealing with it head on. This was my approach to life. It was a cowardly one. I was afraid....of everything. Not just these "creatures" that had been after us, but of anything that could ever go wrong in my life. So what do I do? I choose to close my eyes and run the other way, everytime. I thought I was being smart. I could be right? Who's to judge. All I know is that being trapped and helpless was not any better. There was nothing we could do. None of us had our cell phones with us. No one knew we were missing yet. I wonder how much air gets into these sheds? How long before it runs out? But the biggest question of all was who lived in this house? I wasn't too sure I wanted to meet these people if they had barbed wire around their fence but they could be our only shot of survival. They should come out here eventually.

I had fallen asleep. I guess my thoughts comforted me as well as frightened me because I had transitioned into state of supreme relaxation. It didn't last for long as I remembered where I was at. My heart started beating instantly. I tried to stretch my arms and legs but there was not much room at all. I called out to my dad and sister. There was no response. I yelled even louder the next time but no one answered. They could have been sleep. I am going to hope that they are sleep. I kept calling for them again and again but I was left with no response. There was nothing. I was there alone, trapped in my mind. My life was now consumed with fear. I had almost wished I wouldn't have ran. I never even saw what was chasing me. It may have never existed. I was trapped in my mind not a shed. There was no one to call out to because no one was there. It was just me. I realized it was better to stay and face whatever was haunting me instead of running away all of the time. Because in the end, you might survive, but be alone, miserable and helpless. How long can you really survive like that? Not for long.