Friday, March 19, 2010

Mental Supremacy

I have an obsession. It rules over my entire life. It gives me no choice. It never ends, always beginning over and over again. My obsession is compulsive, but it's no disorder. In my world, it's perfectly normal. Every day, I wake up letting my obsession take over me until I fall into a land of dreams. I am it's victim. I am it's prisoner, forever it rules me without a chance of escape. I am locked away in its deep dark and dangerous dungeons. Although I cannot escape, I do not want to. I am content here. It rules because I allow it to. Mental Supremacy. My thoughts preside, continuously controlling. Multiplying rapidly like a virus. They cannot be contained. They cannot be stopped or sedated. I keep thinking about the same thing over and over and over repeatedly. One single thought doubling and then doubling again. I live to think. It never ends. Thoughts and thoughts all over again.

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