Monday, March 15, 2010

Personal Space

Personal space...a concept that varies from culture to culture. I am sitting in the computer lab, sorting over my schedule and daily/weekly goals when I feel someone directly behind me. Well it was slightly to my left. She is standing over me, unintentionally but nonetheless, very close. I begin to feel rather uncomfortable. I wondered if I should make an obvious gesture to move away a bit. But then a thought sparked. Why did I get so uncomfortable? Am I really that weirded out by her this close? She seemed nice; she was minding her own business. I believe I am just so used to having my own personal space in a social setting, that anytime it is compromised, I have no choice but to feel uncomfortable. I am used to this, as well as most people. Most people including people in my culture, a Western society. The next thing I noticed was that she was foreign. Had a European accent of some kind. Could this go into consideration? Possibly. So after my thoughts, and feelings of being annoyed, I just let it go. It was an unnecesary feeling of agitation I brought upon myself. I went back to minding my own business.

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