Monday, March 15, 2010

Sartre & Free Will

Free will. Now here's an interesting notion. I am not talking about releasing Will from jail on parole. I actually do not know a Will that's in jail. Well on second thought...Anyways, I'm talking about the fundamental issue of free will. The ability for one to have a choice over his or her actions and decisions. Jean-Paul Sartre, who was this French writer, said that people are free to choose; the individual cannot escape his or her capacities for free choice and the responsibilities that these capacities bring. So when I think of Sartre and his beliefs, I think of how this applies to me and the people around me. I know in the past I have made excuses for things that I have done and did my best to blame it on someone else, the weather, the universe, and even fate. This is called escaping personal responsibilty. We all have free will to do anything...ANYTHING we want. Now granted there are these little things called laws, morals, taboos, norms, etc...that regulate these potential actions. But in essence, we are these intricately advanced creatures who have the mental capacity to make our own choices. It may take a bit more effort to execute free will when opposing forces are present, but it is all about the potential and possibilty. As long as those exist, anything is possible.

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