Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vitamin CrAzy!

Today I learned that having too much Vitamin A can lead to hip fractures as well as being Vitamin B anemic. Women are more likely to get toxic levels of Vitamin A. This is because of the amount of make up women wear. Make up that promotes anti-wrinkle formulas contain high levels of Vitamin A. So to all you women out there that go heavy on the anti-wrinkle cream, you might want to use it in moderation. Also, stay away from those extreme multi-vitamins sold in places like GNC. They sometimes contain 1000 times the amount of Vitamin A that you actually need. Just because you can get more of something, does not mean that it is all good for you. So what's the lesson learned? If you want to preserve your youth, overdosing on anti-wrinkle creams might give you a tight face and a right hip replacement.


  1. Very interesting. What I found to be most interesting was the whole thing about having too much of something doesnt always mean better. But isnt that the American way? Too much isn't enough.This must be a very difficult concept for many and a serious problem in the US

  2. Yea, thanks for the Vitamin tip...I have been reading all my labels now to see what's in them.