Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I feel closer than ever to what I have been waiting for. A time where creativity, thought, inspiration and self-expression are changing from scattered phases to a consistent part of my existence. Over time, one does not notice the change within oneself, it just sort of happens. You then sit back and reflect and become aware of the aspects that have stayed the same, the ones that have grown stronger, the ones that have changed. At this point in my life, I can feel the changes as they occur, intrinsically speaking of course. I can feel a glowing pulse of energy right in the center of my core. It makes me happy. It spreads to my arms, through my hands and to my fingertips. It spreads to my legs, through my feet and to my toes. This warm, glowing feeling of life, of my self. I am in harmony, at times, with the Earth around me. I become linked with the surrounding energies, letting life flow right through me. Recharging me like a battery. Replenshing me as if I were a plant rooted in the earth. Feelings transform into thoughts as it reaches my mind. I am left with its purest essence. Something similar to the purest single drop of oil that comes from a few dozen roses. Like oil from a rose, I free my emotions. Letting them live through sound, words, paper, colors, images, textures, aromas, anything aesthetic in a sense. I find myself falling deeply in love with this feeling. A feeling I must cultivate. I can't wait.

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