Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 lists of Ten

As much as I hate numbers, I love counting. I guess it comes from being a musician. But I don't know sometimes. I count up from one...I count down from ten. Everything gets counted. Seems like it is one of the only ways to inject order into my chaotic world. Counting...yes! I love lists. I should write a dozen lists. Random lists. 50 random lists. I could make lists out of lists and count them down from 50. Yes! Okay let's start with ten. Less ambitious. 10. Ten lists of Ten. Coming Soon....


  1. a list of list? does the count as a list or is it keeping count of things the are countable? why go less ambitious go higher random counts as a count and ur GOOOOD at random. random and poetic is wat we count on u 2 do! DO wat u lov and do it big THATS ALL THAT COUNTS! im countin on u

  2. Sweet...I'll expand to a list of 11. Thanks for the talk.