Thursday, June 10, 2010

To The Best Person Ever

Dear Best Person Ever,

I have also made a list of my thoughts to you. Please read the following:

1. Thank you for reading.
2. You are awesomelyamazinglyterrificlyGreat.
3. When will you begin your writing? [officially]
4. Facebook Statuses don't count :/
5. You sooo understand me, thank you.
6. You'd make a great writer, you are because you are a great thinker.
7. Writing begins as thoughts. You need thought to write.
8. People say I think too what measurement are they using to make this conclusion?
9. Someone please direct me to the thought measurement scale.
10. Do I talk too much?
11. Yea...
12. Oh well....
13. Start writing please...and put up some of your other work.
14. ;)



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