Sunday, June 20, 2010

To the Thinker, From the Scattered Mind

Dear Thinker,
I have decided to write this before my now fresh thoughts go stale and get buried deep under piles of rubbish and confusion. I am trying this new approach to writing now. I am just going for it, I will just write. With that being said, let me begin. We are much alike. Thought consumes our minds, like a thousand and one pacmen munching on whatever open space there is left in our brains. There is a full range of thought spanning from the extremely important to the not-so important. But I tend to often forget the important stuff and dwell on the not-so's. Everything gets scattered... I can almost see the trillions of words bouncing rapidly around in your mind when I look into your eyes. Or perhaps I could be catching a reflection of my own mind through your eyes. Now I will sit and do what we do best, about you. Well at least until we speak again.

Until next time,
A Scattered Mind

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