Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Where are the Me's?

On this journey. It's so hard. So much wrapped up inside me. I share compulsively in hopes that I will be understood. I doubt many will ever. I don't have much time left. I need to accomplish. I must accomplish. There are things that I want. There are things that I don't want. I'm itching all over right now I can't stand it. I'm at a breaking point. Faced with the reality of a dream. Will it ever come to pass? Is late really better than never? I am hurting inside. I speak so much that no one listens anymore. My words have become irrelevant. I'm not sure what to do or who I am anymore. If I did know who I was, which I'm sure I do, then is this person suitable for the world? It doesn't seem like I fit too easily. Where are the Me's? I know of one. Why am I itching so horribly? I feel like shit right now. Everyone's always watching me. Or are they? I need food right now. But I have no money. And when I do have a small amount, it's gone in just as little time. I must break out of this cycle. I feel like crying, like breaking apart. I thought I was prepared for hard work. I am. I don't think I am prepared for what I feel as rejection. How the hell am I supposed to be an artist? Why the hell doesn't anyone care about what I do? Just you wait. All of you. Fuck them all I say. Fuck them all.